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Witt Rental, Inc. offers delivery and pick up of minimum order quantities to your specific area. Minimum order charges to your specific area. Minimum order charges vary according to required distance traveled. Customers may pick up and return equipment at our warehouse if the minimum quantities are not needed.

Delivery and Pickup We are a “tailgate delivery service.” Delivery and pick up us to ground level only, and no further than 20-25 feet from the driveway or curb. Items must be clean, staked, and ready to ship when the driver arrives. Linens must be shaken free of debris, DRY, and returned to the hangers and/or bags provided with delivery.

Scheduling of Delivery/Pick Up Each of our trucks has many stops during the day. You may request an AM (8 to Noon) or PM (noon or after) delivery, if necessary. Specific times for delivery or pick up will incur an additional fee.

Pricing All prices quoted are one-day rates unless otherwise specified. Special arrangements must be made well in advance if you desire equipment for more than one day.

Down Payments A down payment is your assurance that the items rented will be reserved specifically for your event. This fee is generally required for an order exceeding $50 or involving specialty equipment. Full payment is due prior to delivery. Down payments are non-refundable within 10 days of your scheduled delivery. Following a reasonable amount of time “your” rental items will be made available to other customers if a down payment has not been received.

Security Deposits Customers are charged a refundable security deposit for rental equipment. Following pick up or return by the customer and inspection of equipment, our office will refund your security deposit.

Payment Full payment on all orders is due prior to or at the time of delivery.

Loss or Damage Tables, chairs, and boxes are not waterproof, and must not be allowed to get wet. Customers will be charged for breakage, damaged, or missing items, and linens damaged beyond repair.

Tents Removal of all decorative materials must be completed prior to our arrival for tent pick up. All sidewalls must be left at tent site for pick up.

Inflatables Amusement items should be used with great care of “riders.” Detailed instructions are listed on a separate contract which must be signed prior to delivery.

Tables and Chairs Our service DOES NOT include set-up or knock down of tables or chairs. Chairs and tables will be delivered stacked, and must be stacked for pick up.

Linen and Skirting All linens and skirting must be  DRY and free of food and decoration debris. Please return skirting to their original hangers. We Charge for damaged linens.

Order Changes Additional equipment orders made 48 hours in advance of the scheduled delivery are welcome, subject to availability.

WARNING: A tent or canopy is a temporary structure. Evacuate if threatening conditions occur. NO source of heat or open flame should be within 20 feet of a tent, canopy, or sidewalls.

Witt Rental Inc. strives to maintain our rental equipment to the highest standards. If you don’t see something on the brochure, please call. We are adding new inventory items throughout the year.


Rental Agreement download