Pole Tent

Pole Tent 40' x 100'

Pricing information on our pole tent rentals

Offering space and flexibility, traditional pole tents are often used for weddings, trade shows, galas, parties, golf events, festivals and more. Available in solid and striped color options, these tents can be decorated to complement any event occasion. Our staff is very knowledgeable, and will help you make sure you are buying the right things for your event or party. Give them a call at 1.800.704.5441, or contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.



Pricing without sidewalls   
30′ x 30′(Blue & White only): $425.00                                 
40′ x 40′: $750.00                                 
40′ x 60′: $950.00                                
40′ x 80′: $1300.00                              
40′ x 80′ (New): $1600.00                              
40′ x 100′: $1600.00                              
Other size available: Call for Quote
Sidewall Pricing
Clear Sidewalls (40 ft.): $50.00
Plain Side Wall $1.25 per foot
Window Side Wall $1.50 per foot
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