Dance Floor

Dance Floor Rental, Sandusky OH

What is a party without a dance floor?!

Our wood dance floors are made up of 3′ X 3′ sections that snap together to make a beautiful dance floor.  

The dance floor contours to the surface it is put on, so we ask that you try to find the most level spot to put it.  We use an underfloor when putting our dance floors on a grassy surface.  15’X15′, 15’X18′ and 21’X21′ are our most popular sizes but we can usually meet any size need that you would like.


Dance Floor Rental Pricing
15′ X 15′:       $275.00
15′ X 18′:       $325.00
18′ x 18′:       $400.00
18′ x 21′:       $450.00
21′ x 21′:       $525.00
21′ x 24′:       $600.00
24′ x 24′:       $700.00
Dance Floor - (Teak) Rental, OH